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It’s the Journey: Biking in the Metro

A man on a bike
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Kansas City has one of the highest rates of automobile commuting in the nation. So, what does that mean for the cyclists sharing the road?

Public Works? The Cost of Our Aging Infrastructure is a months-long project taking you underneath the pavement to tackle the state of our water and sewers. We track the state of highways and bridges in Kansas and Missouri. We take a closer look at our public transit system. And, perhaps most importantly, we convene policymakers and industry leaders in search of solutions.

— Watch “The Cost of Our Aging Infrastructure | Part 3” at  7:30 p.m. on Friday, April 28 on KCPT. Find other articles on the metro’s infrastructure here, and follow the project with #KCpublicworks. This video was produced in conjunction with Atlas Lens.

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