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beyond belief

The Christianity Spectrum: Local Millennials Share How They Do Church

Chantell Smith was sitting on the couch in her apartment flipping throug...

by Ieshia Downton - 1 day ago

take note: the school of the future

Money Issues Hamper Progress In Some School Districts

What’s the best way to ensure that future generations get the best edu...

by Multiple Reporters - 1 day ago

eats & drinks

Food Truck Friday, A Milk Bar & Other Weekend Possibilities

Food Truck Friday returns to Union Cemetery (227 E. 28th Terrace) from 1...

by Flatland - 2 days ago


Can KC’s new leadership fix ‘the land that time forgot’?

The kielbasa recipe hasn’t changed much since Peter May, a Polish immi...

by Multiple Reporters - 3 days ago

eats & drinks

Tap List | Alma Mader Brewing is Open & Servaes Brewing is Super Close

Fresh hops and a new spot to hop to on Easter. The local brewery map wil...

by Jonathan Bender - 4 days ago


Kansas City Construction Career Academy Trains Next Generation of Skilled Workers

If you are like many folks, if something breaks in your house, you have ...

by Cody Boston - 5 days ago

eats & drinks

Cinnamon Rolls, Agave Cocktails & Other Weekend Possibilities

Going to a farmers’ market is like a hall pass for the weekend. Once y...

by Jonathan Bender - 1 week ago

news & issues

Taco Bell’s Churro Donut is Only in Kansas City. We Ate One. Let’s Talk.

The corner of the bag was the first spot to soak through with grease. Ne...

by Jonathan Bender - 1 week ago

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The Family Band | Triggs Guitars

Jim Triggs began building instruments more than 35 years ago. Before he began working at Gibson in 1986, he had already built between 130 and 150 mandolins and had created a name for himself in the Midwest and on the […]

There Is A Way To Boost Achievement of Low-Income Students

The economic divide is a big driver of educational inequality around the country and here in the Kansas City area. But does that have to be a given? The hope is that the school of the future can narrow the […]

Creating a New Vintage Sound | B.A.C. Musical Instruments

In the year 1999, Mike Corrigan decided to dedicate his life to a career of musical instrument building and manufacturing. During a four-year apprenticeship in the Boston area, he realized the significance of the shrinking number of American musical instrument […]

Slow and Steady | TreeHouse Custom Drums

Founded by Derek Sharp (D#), TreeHouse Custom Drums has been producing world-class professional instruments straight out of the Drumgeon in Topeka, Kansas, since 2000. Part of the secret of TreeHouse Drums’ solid growth has been patience and attention to detail. […]

Crafting the Voice of Strings | KRUTZ

Every KRUTZ instrument brings together the full ensemble of components: wood, varnish, strings and most importantly, expertise. It’s the synergy of these components that gives every KRUTZ string instrument a voice. Creating “The Voice Of Strings” has been achieved by […]

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questions answered

The Story Behind Kansas City’s Oldest Church

by Multiple Reporters - 1 week ago

questions answered

How Did Trails West Influence The Growth of Westport?

by Tammy Worth - 2 weeks ago

questions answered

Finding Friends When You Are Over 60

by Mike Sherry - 3 weeks ago

questions answered

How (And Why) is Kansas City’s Kauffman Center Shaped Like That?

by Vicky Diaz-Camacho - 4 weeks ago

questions answered

Understanding Islam in KC

by Multiple Reporters - 1 month ago

questions answered

Not Quite a Hat Trick | Kansas City’s Two Seasons of Pro Hockey

by Jonathan Bender - 1 month ago

questions answered

What Are the 3 Oldest Buildings in KC?

by Brad Austin - 1 month ago

questions answered

How One Kansas City Hospital Treated Segregation in the ‘50s

by Vicky Diaz-Camacho - 2 months ago

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