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There Is A Way To Boost Achievement of Low-Income Students

The economic divide is a big driver of educational inequality around the country and here in the Kansas City area. But does that have to be a given? The hope is that the school of the future can narrow the […]

Walk, Turn, Walk: Full Film

A historical and observational documentary about Kansas City’s fashion industry. Through multimedia stories about fashion show producers, designers, models and historians, Kansas City PBS’ “Walk, Turn, Walk” is a comprehensive and thrilling peek behind the scenes of Kansas City’s premier […]

Crafting the Voice of Strings | KRUTZ

Every KRUTZ instrument brings together the full ensemble of components: wood, varnish, strings and most importantly, expertise. It’s the synergy of these components that gives every KRUTZ string instrument a voice. Creating “The Voice Of Strings” has been achieved by […]

Why Do You Live in The City?

Ryan migrated to the city from the suburbs and has never looked back. See why he loves living in the heart of Kansas City, even though he never thought he would. Every Tuesday and Thursday through the end of January, […]

Show Me | The Lean Lab

In Pursuit of Transformation When Katie Boody and Carrie Markel looked at Kansas City, they saw a city that was bursting with entrepreneurship and the arts, but lacking in education. Now they’re trying to fix that with an education-focused incubator […]

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