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Hello Atelier | For the Love of Dance

Despite a late introduction to ballet, Devon Carney has spent his professional life as a dancer. Working with the Boston Ballet right out of high school, he was mentored by the great Rudolf Nureyev, from whom he learned the key to being a successful performer. Today, though retired from the stage, Carney is a choreographer and artistic director for the Kansas City Ballet. He acts as mentor for the company, which he guides through each performance, on a mission to push the company’s artistry and create excitement in the community for the dance that he so loves.

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Devon Carney demonstrates a jump to a KCB II dancer. (Hello Atelier)

Carney leading rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet.

The KCB II dancers warm up before rehearsal.

Rudolf Nureyev coaches a young Carney in rehearsals.

Host Betsy Blodgett interviews Carney.

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