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Hello Atelier | That Disney Life

The Podcast on Working Artists Returns with Tiki, The Mouse

Growing up, Kevin Kidney knew he was destined to live at Disneyland. Once he realized that people don’t actually get to live there, he did the next best thing. He got a job there. In the art department, Kevin had the opportunity to work on design projects large and small for the Disney company – everything from collectible enamel pins to parades. In this episode, we talk about his work with Disney, how he found a community in the world of Tiki, and how giving back has become a large part of his business plan.

Host Betsy Blodgett interviews Kevin Kidney in his tiki-themed dining room.(Hello Atelier)

A paper sculpture that became the logo for Kevin’s freelance business.

An in-process life-size replica of the Barker Bird, which was an animatronic bird that stood outside the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland.

A miniature replica of the original Jungle Cruise boat, designed by Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily and sold by Disney.

Kevin’s den features a mini Andy Anaheim mascot.

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