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Who Will Lead KC?
Blue Valley Looks To Forge New Path
In the United States of the late 19th century, iron works personified the strength and grit of an emerging industrial power. Pittsburgh became the Steel City, but far to the west, another corner of the industry was growing along t…
Who Will Lead KC?
Church Is Ray Of Light In Urban KC Neighborhood
The Sheffield Family Life Center, a 6,000-member Assembly of God church, is a sparkling diamond in an urban coal mine. It’s big, diverse and a key center of life in Kansas City’s distressed Blue Valley area. “We are in a loc…
Who Will Lead KC?
What You Need to Know About KC's Mayoral Election
With Sly James’ term coming to an end, Kansas Citians will choose their next mayor this year. There’s a large field, and lots of dates to remember, so Flatland has compiled some key information for you. So, c’mon folks, get …
Who Will Lead KC
Meet Some of the KC Mayoral Candidates You Might Not Know
When Kansas City PBS and the Kansas City Public Library co-hosted a Kansas City mayoral forum, the two organizations limited participation to candidates that had reached at least 5 percent support in one independent public opinion…
Who Will Lead KC?
KC Mayoral Debate: 5 Key Takeaways
If you were home Wednesday evening enjoying some of your favorite Kansas City PBS programming (we hope!), you are excused for not attending the Kansas City mayoral debate moderated by KCPT's own Nick Haines. We also understand if …
Who Will Lead KC?
Curbing Violence Is Key Topic In Forum for East Side KC Council Seat
The shadow of a slain 15-year-old loomed over a Thursday evening forum for candidates seeking a 3rd District seat on the Kansas City Council. The Feb. 12 shooting death of An’Janique Wright was part of a conversation about what …
Who Will Lead KC?
Can KC's new leadership fix 'the land that time forgot'?
The kielbasa recipe hasn’t changed much since Peter May, a Polish immigrant, opened a grocery store in Kansas City’s Blue Valley neighborhood in 1929. Customers can count on the same fresh meat, no preservatives, spiced with a…
Who Will Lead KC?
Neighborhood Cleanup Removes Tons of Trash From Kansas City’s East Side
Just imagine what $1.5 billion would do for blight on Kansas City’s East Side. Well, if Bill Drummond had his way, the city would make sprucing up neighborhoods as big a financial priority as the billion-dollar-plus project to r…
Project Overview Debates Blight
2019 Kansas City Mayoral Election