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The Cost of Our Public Transit | Episode 5

Get an insider’s look at what’s being done to improve the region’s public transit system and increase access to jobs in “The Cost of Our Public Transit | Episode 5,” the final of a five-part digital series looking at our city’s aging infrastructure.

Public Works? The Cost of Our Aging Infrastructure is a months-long project taking you underneath the pavement to tackle the state of our water and sewers. We track the state of highways and bridges in Kansas and Missouri. We take a closer look at our public transit system. And, perhaps most importantly, we convene policymakers and industry leaders in search of solutions.

— The five episodes of Part I, including “The Cost of Our Public Transit,” will be woven together to form one larger story that runs at 7:30 p.m. on March 2 on KCPT. Find other articles on the metro’s infrastructure here, and follow the project with #KCpublicworks.

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