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KC Week in Review: KC eliminated from RNC 2016 Convention quest

Plus, Should Missouri change its constitution to allow a "right to farm?"

Panelists on the set of Week in Review
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When Mayor Sly James decided to dance on the tarmac of the downtown airport with the head of the Republican National Convention site selection committee, it was seen as a powerful symbol of Kansas City’s warmth and hospitality. Combined with fireworks at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, city leaders went all out to impress. But this week, Kansas City’s two-year bid for the 2016 GOP convention came to an abrupt end as it was officially eliminated from consideration. RNC leaders narrow the host cities to just two: Dallas and Cleveland.

Also on the program: “Right-to-Farm” amendment in Missouri, light rail vote and streetcar ethics complaints in KC, funding education in Missouri, St. Louis tests Missouri’s same sex marriage ban, Sam Brownback election update and making Liberty Memorial the nation’s monument to WWI.

This week’s news reviewers:

Jason Hancock, Jefferson City Correspondent, Kansas City Star
Garrett Haake, Political Reporter, 41 Action News
Barbara Shelly, Editorial Board writer, Kansas City Star
Dave Helling, Reporter/Columnist, Kansas City Star


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