The Day That Was

Flatland Provides a Social Media Roundup from Tuesday's Action

yard sign exhibit at Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City tried to inject some positivity into a vitriolic campaign season. In the lead up to Tuesday's election, the museum encouraged visitors to personalize their own yard sign for an exhibit on its lawn at 4420 Warwick Blvd. (Photo: Mike Sherry | Flatland)

No matter how you feel about Tuesday’s outcome, Election Day is over. Unrelenting attack ads and mailers marked brutal campaigns from president on down. In the end, Kansas City-area voters voiced their opinions on everything from tobacco taxes to judicial retention. Here’s our social media rundown of how a long, divisive campaign season ended with Tuesday’s historic outcome.

You can view a full list of election results at The Kansas City Star.
— For an in-depth look at the successful campaign for a Jackson County sales tax, check in to Flatland’s News & Issues section on Monday. As always, follow us on Twitter @FlatlandKC.

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