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Roller Food. Craft Beer. The Pairings That Were Never Supposed to Happen.

Roller Food and Craft Beer label
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In the name of food science, we’re pairing roller food and craft beer. These six videos will help you discover beer pairings for everything from the Cheeseburger Bite Bite to a taco and cheese taquito. For this project, we engaged the nice folks at Boulevard Beer, who delved into the world of egg rolls and macaroni and cheese taquitos with clear eyes and open hearts. Those hearts might need surgery after this, but we found a lot of surprising deliciousness. One thing we guarantee, you’ll never see roller food in the same way.

First up, check out the video above to see how QuikTrip’s macaroni and cheese taquito paired with Boulevard’s Love Child. Then try as many pairings as you can, ahem, stomach.

Corn Dog with Saison-Brett

Taco + Cheese Taquito with Hibiscus Gose

Egg Roll with Ginger Radler

Buffalo Chicken Bite with The Calling

Cheeseburger Big Bite with Pale Ale

— Jonathan Bender writes about food trends and is the author of “Cookies & Beer” and “Stock, Broth & Bowl.” Follow him on Twitter @jonathanbender.

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