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My 5 | Savannah Northcraft

(Brad Austin I Flatland)
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My 5 is a series wherein Flatland asks someone to show us five items from their life that help them do their job or tell their story. It’s a chance to learn more about the people in our community by getting a peek at what’s in their drawers, kitchens, briefcases, or desks. In the latest edition, Savannah Northcraft, the owner of Urban Provisions, welcomed us into her shop in the East Bottoms. 

1. Clean Beauty. There is toxic garbage in all the products you slather on from the drugstore. Slowly, over time, I’ve adopted products that I really like. I’ve been updating my self-care ritual…modernizing it.

2. Statement Jewelry. As a new mom, I have a limited amount of time to put myself together. Living and working downtown, I can’t slip into the grocery store and go unnoticed. I feel pressure to look nice. Statement jewelry can take leggings and a tunic and turn it from athleisure into a style.

3. My Plants. Plants add a layer of freshness. They’re an accessible way to brighten and bring something new into a space. They’re also a fun hobby. It’s about keeping something alive and figuring out what it needs.

4. Kansas City Whiskey. A gal’s got to have a cocktail. Rieger whiskey is a product I believe in made by people I love. They’re excellent neighbors here in the East Bottoms and great Kansas Citians. Sometimes you just need a couple fingers of whiskey.

5. My iPhone. I spend my entire life feeding my kid and I have a business to run. I source products on Instagram, answer emails and get a lot of work done on my phone. I have a laptop, but I have no idea where it is.

Savannah Northcraft pauses briefly for a photo while arranging her shop, Urban Provisions, in the East Bottoms for the holiday season. (Brad Austin | Flatland)

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