Kansas City, What History Question Should We Dig Into?

This year’s second voting round is about local history

Print showing view of Kansas City as it looked in 1855 and bird's-eye views of several buildings present in Kansas City in 1887. (Contributed | Library of Congress)

Kansas Citians love their barbecue. But curiousKC has revealed something else: We also have an insatiable appetite for local history.

So after combing through tons of questions submitted to us, we narrowed it down to three different topics: early TV, wagons and animals. It’s on you to decide now, folks.

This voting round lasts one month, and your votes determine what we’ll uncover next. We welcome any tips or suggestions that could help us tell the story even better.

“Where is the cast of ’41 Treehouse Lane’ now?”

While we couldn’t reach the person who asked the question, there was enough intrigue about the nostalgic local kids’ show that we decided to put it to a vote.

“How did Kansas City develop along the wagon trails leading into Westport?”

After Gary Jenkins gave the expert take on Villa Capri’s mob history, he wrote us this question. Why? Because, he said, “I learned at lot about the trails, and I noticed that streets like Westport Road were not exactly straight. I figured that was because it was once a horse and wagon trail.”

Jenkins was also once a volunteer who took groups of visually-impaired teenagers on a two-week camping trip along the Oregon or Santa Fe routes.

“What happened to the animal sculptures at The Landing shopping mall on Troost?”

For those who were children in the 1950s and ‘60s, the animal sculptures at The Landing shopping mall spark fond memories. Though we couldn’t contact the person who sent this in, the question got a few of our folks in the newsroom chatting about what kinds of animals there were and what happened to them.

This post has been updated to clarify Jenkins’ communications. 

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