Eyes on the Eagle

You Asked and We Answered: What's With the Big Bird on Ward Parkway?

the eagle statue J.C. Nichols donated this eagle statue to the city of Kansas City in 1935. It sits in the median on Ward Parkway at 67th Street. (Catherine Wheeler | Flatland)

On the median separating Ward Parkway near 67th Street stands a giant eagle bronze statue. Stephanie Hamil, of Leawood, Kansas, had heard a rumor in high school and asked curiousKC: Who’s responsible for the eagle, and did it really once have ruby eyes?

We contacted The Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department, which handles the maintenance of all city-owned statues in the city, to get the lowdown on the extra large bird.

Roll your cursor over the dots on the picture above to see what we found out. Thanks, Stephanie Hamil, for your eagle-eyed question.

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