Mike Moustakas Breaks Royals 32-Year Home Run Record

Moose Hits Home Run No. 37 Against Toronto Blue Jays

By Jesse Howe – September 21st

Royals infielder Mike Moustakas beat the team’s 32-year home run record in a season with home run No. 37 on Sept. 20 against the Toronto Blue Jays. Steve Balboni previously held the title with 36 home runs in 1985.

The Royals have one of the longest-running home-run records to stand uncontested; but their record is also one of the lowest in the league.

Flatland compiled the Royals’ top home-run hitters since 1969 in this chart, which includes numerous ties. Fourteen players over 42 years, from John Mayberry to Salvador Perez, tied for 22 home runs.

Royals’ Hall of Famer George Brett makes the list on seven separate occasions, the most of any Royals player, but never held the title.

—Jesse Howe is a KC sports lover and a contributor to Flatland. Follow Flatland @FlatlandKC.