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When Fashion Inspires

A Ukrainian-Born Fashion Designer Elevates Local Style

A woman speaking.
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“My name is Nataliya Meyer, and I’m addicted to fashion.”

So begins our introduction to Meyer, a local fashion designer, as she begins preparations for Kansas City Fashion Week in April.

Meyer, whose family emigrated from Ukraine nearly 13 years ago, began sketching designs as a child. Since arriving in the United States she’s worked as a tailor for Brooks Brothers, in sales for St. Johns, and under other master tailors. Now, she’s the head of Oblivion Clothing and owns Lucia’s Sarto Custom Sewing near the Plaza.

She says she considers herself lucky to be living and working in the United States, in part because she can see a bright future for her son.

“The way I’m building my life,” Meyer says, “I’m very lucky to be here, where I see my son will be able to have a future and accomplish things.”

In this video, producer/videographer John McGrath looks in on this busy, productive designing woman.

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