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Creating Public Art with Phil Shafer AKA Sike Style

(Hello Atelier)

Muralist Phil Shafer, AKA Sike Style, is part of a revolution that is turning graffiti into a public art form. Forget the image of an artist in the dead of night attacking a building with spray paint. While Shafer does paint with spray can in hand, he also taps into his background of art history and hip hop culture to create intricately designed murals that become as much a part of the community as the building itself. In this episode we sit down with Shafer to discuss his evolution as a muralist, the importance of public art, and the process of designing for a community space.

Host Betsy Blodgett interviews muralist Phil Shafer in his studio. (Photos: Hello Atelier)

Tools of the trade: a box of spray paint in Shafer’s studio.

Tag practice on a wall in Schafer's studio.

Shafer contemplates the design of his mural in downtown Kansas City.

A mural-in-progress in downtown Kansas City.

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