Hello Atelier | Playing Chicken with City Girl Farm

Sally Jane Linville has a mission: she wants to bring a little bit of farm life into everyone’s home. How? Through chickens of course! And not just any chickens, but her fabulous fiber chicken footstools. These locally sourced chickens balance the line between sculptural and functional art, and are created by a community of artists around the states of Kansas and Missouri, though the chickens themselves have found homes as far as China. Listen to Sally Jane’s story and who knows, maybe you will be adopting a chicken for your own home! Visit HelloAtelier.org to see more images of Sally’s chickens and studio.

Betsy holding her namesake chicken.

Detail of the ruffled felt feathers on a chicken.

Sally’s mom, Susan, at the spinning wheel.

A felt chicken featuring red embroidery. (City Girl Farm)

A flock of City Girl Farm chickens.

Watch more on City Girl Farm from KCPT’s locally produced art show, Arts Upload:

— Find all of Hello Atelier’s podcast on iTunes or at the Phonicalia Media Productions website.

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