Hello Atelier | A Sunny Outlook

Seth Smith is a landlocked Midwesterner. The only sea surrounding him is a majestic ocean of gently waving green fields. But that is just where he is physically. Mentally, he has time-traveled back 50 years, to a rosy-colored mid-century hotel with a deep turquoise pool. That is the magic of his paintings – they aren’t just pictures, but transportation devices to a sunny state of mind.

A wall in Seth’s studio contains his record collection and books.(Contributed | Hello Atelier)

A painting of David Bowie, by Seth Smith.

A gallery wall in Seth’s studio combines his own work with a vintage neon sign.

One of Seth’s painting’s lean up against the garage door wall, which had been decorated with gold dashes.

An in-process painting of a desert scene sits on an easel.

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