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Hello Atelier | ‘Making Spaces for Myself’

Artist Glyneisha Johnson uses collage art as a way to represent the “dislocated, collaged nature of Black history due to colonialism.” Much of her work comprises of domestic spaces, bright, colorful images that invite you to sit and visit on the front porch. In this episode of Hello Atelier, we discuss the teachers who have been influential in Glyneisha’s life, artists that she looks up to as father figures and her wariness about social media.

A vibrant paint palette being used for a new collage painting. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

Artist Glyneisha Johnson stands next to a work in progress. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

A work in progress hangs on the wall of the studio. To the right is an initial sketch of the piece. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

A stack of Glyneisha’s work leans up against the wall of her studio. Her collage piece, Front Porch Daze, is featured. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

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