Hello Atelier | Keeping Time with Maiko Kuzunishi

Collage for Hello Atelier podcast

This week we welcome Maiko Kuzunishi to Hello Atelier. Ten years ago, while designing screenprints, Kuzunishi stumbled across a product that would change her business – a simple clock. Since then she has challenged herself to take clock design as far as she can, incorporating whimsical creatures and flowers with graphic lines to create stunning pieces of home art. In this episode we discuss how Kuzunishi found her calling, her move from Japan to the U.S., and how she balances work, life and stillness.

Host Betsy Blodgett chats with Kansas City designer Maiko Kuzunishi. (Photos: Hello Atelier)

A box of parts for Decoylab’s Western Auto wooden sculptures.

A bamboo horse waits to be made into a clock by the artist.

Kuzunishi's workbench in the Decoylab production space.

Find Hello Atelier’s podcast on iTunes or at the Phonicalia Media Productions website.


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