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Hello Atelier | Hunter, Gatherer, Storyteller

I discovered this week’s guest Jillian Youngbird and her work on Instagram. I was fascinated by the many different forms her art took – one day she would post a stunning piece of embroidery, another day it would be an image of a 7-foot bear sculpture. I like how her artistic style manifests itself across all media. Each piece, whether made from cardboard or watercolor has a certain earthy quality that makes me think of big skies over vast acres of land. Listen in as we talk about her childhood in the Ozarks, sustainability in art, and her experience at the Standing Rock protests.

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Hello Atelier host Betsy Blodgett interviews Jillian Youngbird in her studio. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

Some of the letters and drawings that the community put together to tell the story of the Toklat Bear. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

Found foliage and skeletons await their turn as a piece of art. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

Nature paintings by Youngbird. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

Youngbird's Toklat Bear made out of cardboard. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

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