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Hello Atelier | How a Hobbyist Turned Passion into Product

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Flatland has teamed up with Hello Atelier, a Kansas City-based podcast that explores what it means to be a working artist. Hosted by Betsy Blodgett, the weekly podcast takes you into to the studios of designers of all different mediums to learn about their inspiration, their design process and the personal stories behind their art. Hello Atelier is presented by Phonicalia, a local independent podcast production company. Look for a new episode here on Wednesdays through November.  

As a struggling freelance designer, have you ever wondered how it’s done? How did that artist come up with that popular product line, how did they get it in the stores, and why does it look so easy? Well, very few things that look easy are, and designer Tammy Smith tells us about her journey from hobby sketcher to full-time product designer.

Valentine prints from Tammy Smith (Photo: Contributed | Hello Atelier)

Tammy's Royals World Champion tea towel (Photo: Contributed | Hello Atelier)

A whimsical corner of Tammy's studio. (Photo: Contributed | Hello Atelier)

A display of Tammy's work in her new store Work + Shop KC (Photo: Contributed | Hello Atelier)

Pillow featuring Tammy's San Francisco and KC design. (Photo: Contributed | Hello Atelier)

Tammy's floral design featured on a tote bag. (Photo: Contributed | Hello Atelier)

The outside of Tammy's new store, Work + Shop KC. (Photo: Contributed | Hello Atelier)

Tammy at work in her new store. (Photo: Contributed | Hello Atelier)

Tray featuring the artwork that Tammy designed for the Plaza Lights banners. (Photo: Contributed | Hello Atelier)

Display of wall art in Work + Shop KC. (Photo: Contributed | Hello Atelier)

— Find all of Hello Atelier’s podcast on iTunes or at the Phonicalia Media Productions website.


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