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Hello Atelier | Painting Home

Today’s guest, artist Kathy Liao, paints from a distance. Or, I should say, she paints her subjects from a distance. Kathy’s family is spread about the globe, but she keeps them near with her paintings that portray her memories — her mom watching TV, her grandmother in the kitchen, her dad by the pool — all recreated through a haze of color and collage.

Listen in as we talk to Kathy about how her family influences her work, the importance of trying and failing at new art techniques and how painting self-portraits ground her in a space.

Kathy’s painting "Without."(Contributed | Hello Atelier)

Two of Kathy’s paintings, entitled "Breath (Out)" and "Breath (In)". (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

Kathy’s self-portrait set-up and Self Portrait with Purple Hearts. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

A small woodblock print acts as a blueprint for a large painting of Kathy’s grandmother. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

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