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Hello Atelier | Objects Are Not What They Seem

Like pop art icons Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, ceramicist Shalene Valenzuela transforms mass produced images and objects into art. Recreating household items like rolling pins and telephones out of clay mutates them from a comforting everyday object to a hollow form, filling the viewer with uncertainty as they realize the object isn’t what it seems. The graphic, retro women that cover the domiciliary items are forever trapped in a world of idealized femininity. Listen in as we talk to Valenzuela about creating art in the round, the magical Montana ceramics community and the ever present fear of a creative block.

Host Betsy Blodgett and guest Shalene Valenzuela. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

Three hanging ceramic rolling pins made by Valenzuela.

Ceramic scale and cherries made by Valenzuela.

Ceramic tools made by Valenzuela.

Ceramic dress form made by Valenzuela.

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