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Before settling down as an artist, Momoko Usami wanted to widen her experience, so she decided to move from her native Japan to America. After a number of stops, she has landed in the Missouri countryside. Here, wide open spaces allow her imagination to take hold and present itself as beautifully crafted ceramics that straddle the line between functional and fine art. Listen in as we talk about the influence of the Japanese art of mitate on Momoko’s work, her journey from Japan to Missouri and why she loves the light under doorways.

Host Betsy Blodgett chats with ceramicist Momoko Usami. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

In Momoko’s kiln room, shelves are stacked with works-in-progress. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

Astronaut planters await their next firing. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

Finished pieces of Momoko’s work adorn a shelf in her studio space. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

The work desk in Momoko Usami’s studio is full of mugs, vases, plates and more, waiting to be glazed and decorated. (Contributed | Hello Atelier)

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