KC Week in Review: Judge orders Light Rail on KC ballot. Plus, 20 years of Shuttlecocks at the Nelson.

And the Koch brothers of Kansas...are the being unfairly blamed for everything?

This week a Jackson County Circuit Court judge rules that a 3-year old plan by maverick transit activist Clay Chastain to bring light rail to Kansas City should go before voters. Though the judge rules that the city should write the ballot language. Also on this edition: “Right to Try” drugs in Kansas featuring a story by PBS NewsHour, Free Library code violations in Leawood and streetcar rules discussed by this week’s reviewers Steve Kraske, KCUR/UMKC, Garrett Haake, 41 Action News Steve Vockrodt, The Pitch and Dave Helling of the Kansas City Star.

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One thought on “KC Week in Review: Judge orders Light Rail on KC ballot. Plus, 20 years of Shuttlecocks at the Nelson.

  1. This was a very one sided discussion on the Koch’s influence and effect on this nation. They had no one on the panel that was not a conservative supporter of the Kochs. Yes their businesses provide a lot of jobs. I’m sure they give to support their community. Whey they glossed over is and even downplayed was they environmental effect that they have on the world. They are one of the largest energy industries that have worked and fought hard to deregulate antipollution policies so they can make a few extra dollars by not being clean producers. When it comes to the unrivaled influence these people have on the governments of a majority of states and a good half of the national government they worked to justify it. This part of the panel discussion was nothing more then a group of conservative white men being apologist for the Koch brothers. They even praised the connection between brownback and the Kochs. This was no where close to journalism or debate. It was a PR message given to a powerful and influential family I am sorry I spent the time to watch it.

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